Become a Parnas

Dedicate A Day/Week/Month/Shabbos-Yom Tov of Learning and Davening

We have all been through a lot during the past year. But even deep within the lockdowns and shutdowns, the hammer was chipping away at our new facility in Ramat Eshkol. We did not fail to impress. Even though opening to a limited crowd, the masses began to flock towards “the new shul” that was built in the community. People could not believe their eyes. What was once a dark, decrepit and underused banquet hall had now been completely transformed into one of the most beautiful and magnificent shuls in Yerushalayim. Promises made, promises kept. But there was something different. This was no ordinary shul. It had that “American touch”, a feel of home, but permeated with the radiant Kedusha of Eretz Yisroel.

As we approach the new year, our Kehilla has grown by leaps and bounds, beyond what we could have ever expected. The shul has become the center of the entire community for Torah and Tefilla. The Beis Medrash is now filled with hundreds of people and Torah learning throughout the day and night. Our Shabbos tefillos and atmoshphere has made “Kehilla Kedosha” the place to daven and learn on Shabbos. Rabbi Zucker’s warm and genuine presence has become a pillar in so many people’s lives. Women finally have a beautiful and expansive space to join for tefillos on Shabbos. Americans and Anglos whether temporary, permanent or visitors finally have a place where they can call home. But we have just started to scratch the surface. We have so many dreams – more kolelim, more minyanim, more shiurim, and more inspiration.

However, with tremendous progress comes tremendous added expenses. Instead of catering to tens of people a day, we are catering to hundreds a day. The home we have built for you, your children and grandchildren and your Rebbe in Yerushalayim needs a boost to allow us to continue to provide our amazing facilities. Therefore, we want to present you with the opportunity to partner with of our Kehilla by becoming a Parnas HaYom, Shavua or Chodesh or Parnas Shabbos/Yom Tov.  This program will allow you to dedicate a day, a week, a month, or a Shabbos/Yom Tov of Torah and Tefilla at Kehilla Kedosha.  This dedication may be made in honor of a birthday, Bris, Bar Mitzvah, Engagement or Chasuna. It may also be made in memory and honor of a loved one, for the z’chus of a refuah shleimah, or for success in parnasa or shidduchim.  Of course, you may simply choose to dedicate a day of learning to facilitate the added z’chus of supporting our Kehilla.  Each dedication will be announced and displayed on the special plaque in our front entranceway for all to see.  Parnasei HaShavua, HaShabbos and HaChodesh will also be noted on our Email Newsletter.

Please consider supporting our Kehilla by becoming a partner with us. We hope to see you join us soon!

Parnas HaYom (Sponsor of the Day) – $100

Parnas HaShabbos – $180

Parnes HaShavua (Sponsor of the Week)- $360

Parnas Yom Tov  – $500

Parnes HaChodesh (Sponsor of the Month) – $1200