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Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a member of Kehilla Kedosha! Becoming a member of our Kehilla is a great way to get more involved in the shul and solidify you and your family’s connection with this great Kehilla. Running such a beautiful and extensive operation such as ours comes at a great cost and your membership and partnership helps the Kehilla support its functioning and allows it to continue to grow.

As a member, besides for the zechus of becoming a partner of our shul, you will be entitled to the following few things:

  • As a shul member, your smachos will be recognized in our shul newsletter and announced over Shabbos.
  • Regular aliyos over the course of the year.
  • Preference for meetings with the Rav.
  • Discounts on shul programming
  • Discounted Yomim Noraim seating
  • Usage of our social hall for Brisim and at discounted rates
  • The ability to reserve a kavua seat (for an extra charge)

As well, every new member is entitled to a personal meeting with the Rav with their wife.

In order to become a member, fill out the form below. After filling out the form you can choose the package you want. You will be directed to our payment portal, where once payment is completed, you will have become a full member of the shul! There is also an option to purchase a kavua seat as well (with your membership). If you click this option, please pay for this as well. A representative will be in contact with you to discuss which seat you would like to reserve.

  • Membership is 80NIS a month or 960NIS for the year.
    • Becoming a member also allows you to reserve a kavua seat at an extra charge of 400NIS a year per seat (the seat is a full non-refundable payment).
  • There is also an option to choose the Platinum Package which is 200NIS a month or 2400NIS a year. The purpose of the platinum package are for those who would like to help the shul out a little more. As a gift for choosing platinum, you are entitled to a free kavua seat and a free Yomim Noraim seat.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our office at