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Under the Leadership of Rabbi Shmuel Zucker שליט״א

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Kehilla Kedosha Ramat Eshkol began in 2016 with the dream to create a revolutionary new kehilla in Yerushalayim for Americans who sought a cohesive community with a focus on serious growth and where one could experience the passion and warmth of Torah and Tefillah. Under the dedicated leadership of Rabbi Shmuel Zucker shlita, a consummate mechanech and spiritual guide with decades of experience, and with the participation of over fifty enthusiastic families, the Kehilla has quickly become one of the spiritual pillars of the Ramat Eshkol neighborhood.

Our Rav

Rabbi Shmuel Zucker

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Zmanei Tefillah

Kabbalas Shabbos – 10 (Summer) / 20 (Winter) minutes after Candlelighting
The Rav speaks between Kabbalas Shabbos and Maariv
Shacharis – 8:30 (Korbanos), 8:45 (Psukei D’Zimra)
There is a hot kiddush following davening
Mincha – Approx. an hour before Shkiyah

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